Stop Putting Bandages On Scabs.

945894_1711319275768849_3815102346844442123_nAt the end of the day I give thanks.  We each do it in our own way.  Even if its just a, “thank goodness this day is over”.  I bow my head as I peel away the things that bond me physically or mentally.  I give the Universe my gratitude for being able to make it through.  And just like many, I awake giving praise.

In these prayers, I ask for strength, wisdom and courage.  I request that my child be protected and my family flourish in abundance and prosperity. On one occasion, not too long ago, as I prepared for my day. Sending up vibrations to my ancestors and the ones whom have walked before me.  I said the same as several mornings before. But this time there was a very distinct declaration made.

There was a sweet and forceful command. “STOP!”

“You come to us each and every damn day asking for strength and courage and wisdom. And you trust us enough to ask. But you haven’t trusted us enough to give it to you? Just stop! We have given you everything that you need. Now its your time to use it. You got this.  And we got you. ”

(Yes my spirit guide said damn. Probably because it is MY guide and we can get a little rowdy like that)

I was reminded that there’s no need for bandages if the scab has already formed. We’re already protected. We got this.  So stop asking.


Happy New Year!

Happy-New-Year-Wallpaper-Free-DownloadEach year for my birthday I take a moment to reflect and give thanks. I give myself a week or so to disconnect. I tried once for 30 days but the frustration of every day life getting in the way of me just Be-In-g, was just too much. So now its a tradition of 14 days. Two whole weeks of no internet, no social media, no regular news feeds and limited texting. Only real true connections. Phone calls or visits and dialogue about stuff that feeds me, strengthens me and supports me. All starting with a laid out mediation plan and thoughts of what I want to happen in my own personal new year.

The year 2015 was a little like many others but with some major  life changes. This personal “New Year” was so needed. So along with the “disconnection” of the mundane day to day. I actually took 7 days away for vacation.

Without the excess stimuli that goes on outside of me. I was able to see things a little clearer. Embrace things a little tighter. And speak a little louder. While taking a minute to take pleasure in the vibrant colors of life and smell the applicable “roses” meant for me. Eating all my favorite foods (within moderation) and trying some new things that have now been added to my flavor palate. I am/was able to actually enjoy and connect to those around me. Being fully involved in the things that give me pleasure. Purposefully being in my mindfullness. Every day was a private party, that had an exclusive guest list . I only invited key things and key people to this party. I celebrated my “New Year” getting tuned in and turnt-up. 

One of the people invited to this “private party” was my Sis-Star Butterfly. Butterfly (Tracy Clark) is an Urban Shaman that specializes in getting people back in alignment with themselves. Her services include but are not limited to Chakra readings and activation. How fitting was it that I was called within myself to make this a necessity. That I paid her a visit, right before I had to get back to my regular day to day. With the personal touches of the fresh brewed tea and incense smoke, we dove into a reading to lay out what my blockages are/were. And how to move forward with daily affirmations, meditation and focus. In this reading Butterfly saying, “Sis, you are turnt-up”, was further confirmations that this visit was right on track with how I was moving. In alignment in what is meant for me. (Turnt-up was the name of this piece when I started writing it a week prior). Yes, I am!

Happy New Year To Me!

So, while we’re all saying goodbye to the years past as a whole. Why not take a minute just for you. Wash away all those things that aren’t yours. Get rid of all the noise that doesn’t sound like your voice. Without all the extra fanfare and revelry and excess chatter. Celebrate your very own New Year. Make it a private party. Maybe even stretch your wings and try something different. But do what you like to do. Listen to what is calling you. If only for one full day or a couple hours, take this time to go within. Tune-In and get Turnt-Up. This is YOUR New Year!


Tiny Bubbles

soap-bubblesMy recommendation for you tonight, draw yourself a bath. Dig out that bubble bath that you saved for those special occasions. Add you a couple drops of lavender and chamomile oil. Maybe even a little milk and honey. Hell, if you don’t have any of that stuff, plain ole dish soap will do. As you sink into the warm water concentrate on the bubbles. Each individual bubble is there just for you. Each one and all the millions with it, are there because of what you have done. You’ve created this bliss. And each one understands their role.
As you relax, think about all those things that someone has said that didn’t really sit right with you. Recall in your mind how something didn’t happen exactly how you thought it would. Bring to mind those feelings of being unsupported, unacknowledged, done wrong or looked over. If nothing else, think about all the little stresses that have piled up. And put them inside the bubbles.
As each bubble pops or dissipates and return to water, that’s their way of letting you know that its taken care of. And just like that bubble, it is no more. And then to conclude we let the water out and watch all our troubles and pains go down the drain. Freeing ourselves of those things that no longer serve us.


dust_slide3When dusting, in order to get into all those nooks and dark crevasses we have to move some stuff around. Some things go right back into their “rightful” place. Others get shuffled. Then there’s those things that no longer belong in that space.

Those things that no longer “belong”, have either served their purpose or just don’t look good there anymore. Its possible that there’s another space that better serves them. But just not there.

So we remove what’s needed. Wipe down the spot and get real fancy by polishing the area. In this new space, we can honor and cherish and appreciate with clearer eyes. Maybe even putting something else in the space we’ve created. Allowing oneself to take in the beauty of what the “new” thing has to offer.